Seven Key Areas of Influence


In every City, State/Provence and Nation 

PRAYER - The birthplace of anything God is inspiring believers to do.   

WISDOM -  Understanding from God about how to organize and implement it.

This is a great time to expand the Kingdom of God in every area of our city!  

*When we build a good model in our own city, we can then teach and help other cities.



In the west, Christianity is under attack and the concept of God is being rejected more than ever. We believe that the Church must revive its previously strong influence on Western society, expanding the Kingdom of God by spreading knowledge of the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church is tasked with expanding His message through ministerial efforts in our nation and across the world.


A nation’s moral condition is often reflected in its political leaders. Unfortunately, we have seen a steady increase in political corruption, as well as a steady erosion of the link between our government and legal system and the Christian values upon which our country was founded. Our goal is to educate and equip citizens so they can effectively influence government at all levels with Truth and righteousness.


The free market system is a God-given gift, enabling us to build wealth through enterprise, creativity, and effort. We believe in limiting the role of government in our nation’s business practices and allowing the free markets to run their course. We also espouse prosperity with a purpose, calling upon those who manage businesses to lead with integrity, honesty and by biblical principles.



The family is the centerpiece of any functioning society. Unfortunately, families in the U.S. have been under attack and suffered from dysfunction for decades. Divorce, fatherlessness, abuse and homosexual marriage are among the primary culprits. We believe God wants to bring healing to marriages and relationships, ending this chaos and providing a solid moral foundation for our children.


Once, our education system unapologetically incorporated biblical principles and prayer into students’ daily routines. Now, our children are being indoctrinated with liberal ideologies, atheistic teaching and postmodern principles in our public schools and even in Christian institutions. We seek to restore biblical truth and Godly morality into our country’s failing educational system.


Music, movies, television, and social media wield enormous influence on our youth, and the dark forces of sex, drugs, alcohol and immorality that permeate these fields are spreading dangerous messages to our children. The body of Christ is in desperate need of righteous people who take their talents into these fields and are unafraid of using their platform to further His greater purposes.

The Media, News & Commentary mountain includes sources such as TV, radio, newspapers, online news, and, of course, the hugely influential social media sites and blogs on the Internet. To bring transformation to this enormous mountain, we shall speak the truth from a Biblical perspective to combat the sea of disinformation spread by liberal elite outlets and other mainstream media sources


As we have stepped into the Health, Science & Medical advancements and have these areas of influence literally take control of our lives and regulate much of what we do. It is becoming more evident that the weaponization of this new emerging powerful area of influence is something we Christians must engage in.  With people wanting to introduce sex changes to elementary age children or men having babies not to mention cloning and  artificial intelligence being merged into humans, this is a new frontier. We must have Christian leadership and influence in these areas.   

Each of these seven areas of influence are very important to any society or social system.  In order to impact large sectors of society.  I believe that through these 7 areas any city, state and nation can be affected dynamically making use of some of the principals I am presenting here.  Is it Scriptural, you may be asking.  Well you will not find 7 areas of influence or the 7 mountain mandate as some call it, in the Bible anywhere.  However, It does fit well if you are looking for some form of structure for discipleship.  Christians are called salt and light, and we are given a mandate by Christ to take the good news of the gospel into all of the world.  The Bible says start at home and them go farther eventually go and disciple the world.        

This concept was given to three men back in the mid 70's.

The first recorded reference to the Seven Pillars; Mountains; Influences, that I am aware of originated with Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. In 1975, Bright was having lunch in Colorado with Loren Cunningham (who founded Youth with a Mission).

Both men had been given a dream by God, containing a message to give to the other. That message was about Seven Mountains of influence.  Francis Schaeffer received a similar message from the Lord at about the same time. All three believed that in order for the church to impact the world for Jesus Christ, it would be necessary for us to influence these Seven Mountains of society.

This is a message of encouragement for those who don't feel they are called to “full-time ministry”.  The job of the full-time ministers is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  People who do not have full-time positions are no less able to preach and teach the Word of God. This approach is the perfect design for those who are mature in Christ to minister in areas the full-time ministers can not.  Workplace influence is powerful!  

Allow me to give you a "Clip-Notes" version of how the program unfolds.  First, a group gathers and begins to pray!  Prayer is the birthplace for changing the atmosphere of hearts.  It must go well beyond a prayer gathering to become effective.  The next step is for individuals to select one or more of these mountains or areas of influence and not only pray but advance into.  A voice within that area, an influencer within the ranks.  A leader, an organizer, someone who will lead teams to pray, teams to call and encourage, teams to provide help lines and informational support to people inside that sphere of influence.

Everyone is not good at the same thing, but everyone can help somewhere!  Organizing and serving people in each of these areas will serve our city, state and nation well!  Eventually, we can develop solid systems and resources to fill the needs of people across the nation and world.  I believe the next great awakening is already here! Not praying for revival but praying what to do with revival is the urgency of the hour.  We have learned much in the days of pandemic, but the tsunami of new harvest ready souls that are coming our way, needs some attention if we are not to be caught off guard. 

The Apostle Paul made tents. Peter was a fisherman, as were James and John. Matthew was a tax collector. Cornelius worked in government. Each was a key influential leader in the church, yet none were vocationally in the “full-time ministry”. They all did their Kingdom work in the Seven Mountains or areas of influence they were anointed and appointed to.

It seems like a good idea for you and I to do the same.

Fred Hughes