Mango Tree

by Karyn Hughes

Follow the fun filled adventures of Manzanita, Marta, Joe, and Pinky, in a land of gentle rains and tropical wonders and watch as Mango Tree ignites your childrens imaginations! The beautiful, colorful illustrations in Mango Tree add dramatic impact to this story such that children will not only want to read it over and over, but will also cause them to identify with their favorite character, favorite boat and maybe favorite new fruit! Jena, a three-year-old, from Florida, loves Mango Tree so much that she affectionately clutches the book to her chest and walks around with it. Her favorite character is Manzanita, which means rosy red apple-like cheeks. This delightful true story is based on the life and times of the author, Karyn Hughes...Manzanita!