Are you the same in the spotlight?

Some people seem to respond to attention differently than others, why is that?

First, there is something about the spotlight that says, “Hey, everyone, look at me!” From childhood we seem to have a thing about wanting to be noticed and desiring center stage. It is really all about identity! Interestingly, just a few years down the road many of us are now hiding from the light. Again, identity or perceived identity. When the light is shined upon us, often we transform into a make-believe version of who we really are. We act out the character we would like to be, but in reality, we are nothing at all like that person. We have learned to mask what we do not want others to see. It appears to us to be something that has fallen short of what we once pictured. We are disappointed in who we are, even ashamed. We move away from the spotlight, or we run to get in it and put on a performance trying to gain acceptance, approval, and identity. The more we are exposed to the spotlight, the higher the expectation of topping the last performance. We self-impose, and our audiences expect! A merry-go-round ride that has no good end! Running to the spotlight or away from it…. Neither satisfies our soul nor gives us the true identity we are so desperate to discover.

Second, the great confusion of our present day is all about identity! There are countless claims and agendas that try to gather people to support their causes and establish legitimacy to their claims to be the answer to all our problems. “Buy this; wear that; join up with us; you are really this way or that way; align with our agenda; identify with us, and you will find acceptance and identity.” Lots of choices! But, how many answers? It seems to me when people see the truth, they perceive it as unspectacular or archaic and therefore reject it! Others often overlook, or see it as too-good-to-be-true,,, or too simplistic and discard it. Sadly, because of this many people simply do not know who they are! They are not the same person all the time. They color their hair, mark their bodies, dress or cross-dress to identify, but rest to their souls never comes! Something is still missing! The true answer to, “Who am I?” remains elusive.

The Good News is this! You can know who you are and why you are on this planet! The truth is still available. You haven’t missed the greatest offer ever made! Yes, you have to give God your e-mail address before you get the download! It’s called EXCHANGE! You give God your identity, and He gives you His!

Being true to your own heart and knowing your true identity is so important because that was how you were designed to function. You actually are much more than you think you are. Don’t settle for the world’s identity. Your identity in Christ is much better!

We were made in the image of God, therefore, our true identity is to look and act like Him. That happens first in your spirit.

“In Him we live and move and have our being!”

In Christ, we move from trying to be in the spotlight or hiding from it to being the light of the world. When we find our identity in Christ, we find everything!

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